keeping vehicles safely maintained

As a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Operator, Mullanys Coaches has certain responsibilities and obligations to comply with, which are monitored by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

The information within the DVSA’s system comes from data collected over a three year rolling period and forms the OCRS (Operator Risk Compliance Score).

The data is taken from annual tests (MOTs), vehicle roadside inspections and inspections at Operators’ premises.

Scores are split into two parts, Roadworthiness and traffic. Roadworthiness, reflects the condition of the vehicle and comprises of vehicle tests (MOTs), vehicle ‘encounters’  whereas traffic data covers the area of drivers hours.

An operator is awarded points for any tests or inspections resulting in a defect of infringement. The more serious the defect or infringement the higher the number of points awarded.  

Mullanys engineering

OCRS bands are:
‘R’ – red – for operators considered to be high risk
‘A’ – amber – for operators considered to be of medium risk
‘G’ – green – for operators considered to be low risk.

Mullanys Coaches is a GREEN operator.